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Yummy Vintage



Long-forgotten candies and snacks in yummy colours




SUPER Candy & Toy in bright blue

Ordering info & FAQs here


When vintage becomes edible...Collapse )

Joy&Love: Vintage Cuties!

Let’s Celebrate Cuteness and Eccentricity

Be different!
Being cute and/or weird is not a crime.

Peaceful Hippo in dark purple

Ordering info & FAQs here

Necklace: Freedom in Beige SGD 14

Ordering info & FAQs here

Be different! Be free!Collapse )

Hi there!

Welcome to my collection of vintage tees. I've always been madly in love with Thai indie brands Anatomie and one fifty four. I love the happy, free-spirited designs and I hope you do, too. :)

Prices available here. Join the mailing list here!
Click on images to enlarge.

Happy browsing!

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