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NEW!! 7 funky designs out!

Size measurements, colour chart, prices, all details HERE!
Just a note: all are ladies' sizes here!

Contemporary is the New Retro in light blue
Colours: (SMALL) Light blue

6 more designs below cut!

Chevalier Macdonald in white
Colours: (SMALL) NA
(MEDIUM) White, orange

The Missile Edwards Band
Colours: (SMALL) white, green

Return of the Candy Machine
Colours: (SMALL) fuchsia, yellow, white

Intimate Confessions in white (sold out!)
Colours: (SMALL)  NA
(MEDIUM) white

Retro Revolution in cream (sold out!)
Colours: (SMALL) cream

A Design for Life (sold out!)
Colours: (SMALL)  NA
(MEDIUM) oak, white

  • All tees are SGD 15 each; SGD 14 if you buy 2 or more in one order.
  • All are brand new. Strictly no trades, please
  • We ship internationally; enquire for more details
  • For specific measurements, colour, ordering and postage, click here
  • To order/enquire, email saladays.shop@gmail.com or leave a comment here

Hi there!

Welcome to my collection of vintage tees. I've always been madly in love with Thai indie brands Anatomie and one fifty four. I love the happy, free-spirited designs and I hope you do, too. :)

Prices available here. Join the mailing list here!
Click on images to enlarge.

Happy browsing!

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