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Year-End Clearance Sale

Get 3 Vintage Tees for only $25 
(usual price: $15 each)
Normal Postage included!
(For addresses in Singapore only, one address per order)

Send in your orders now!
To order, email saladays.shop@gmail.com with your item names, colour, and size
Colour Chart, Sizes, All Details here.

For your convenience, tees have been listed by size: Ladies' small+medium, Ladies' small only, Ladies' medium only, and Men's medium.

View all available designs here!Collapse )

Welcome to Salad Days!

A few things you might like to know:
  1. Everything here comes in ONE piece unless otherwise stated.  
  2. Ladies' tees come in Small and Medium sizes. Men's tees come only in Medium size. See here for specifics. 
  3. Prices as follows:
  4. One tee

    2 or more in one order



    $14 each



    $16 each



    $1 or above for two items (case-by-case basis)

    Free normal postage for 3 items and above!

  5. Postage is absorbed for those buying 3 pieces and above, and that includes accessories, tees and dresses. So you are free to mix and match all you want!
  6. However, those buying 2 pieces and less will be charged SGD 1.00 for normal local postage.
  7. To order, email us at saladays.shop@gmail.com with the following info:
    • your name
    • the item name(s), quantity, and size (if applicable)
    • your mailing address
          We'll then send a confirmation email with payment details. Once we receive payment (via funds transfer to POSB account) we'll mail the goods out or pass the goods to you.
      6. Feel free to leave comments or email us if you've got a question! Click here for more info.
      7. Have fun browsing!

Love from
Salad Days

Mailing List & Feedback

Leave a comment here with your name and email address if you’d like to join Salad Days’ mailing list!

Also, do leave us your feedback/suggestions here - we’d really appreciate it!

Retro Vintage Tees from Salad Days

Size measurements, colour chart, prices, all details HERE!
Just a note: all are ladies' sizes here.
Postage is FREE for 3 pieces and above in one order!

Contemporary is the New Retro in light blue
Colours: (SMALL) Light blue

Many more designs below cut!

CLICK HERE!! Collapse )

Latest tops from Salad Days!

 Click images to enlarge!

Funkstar   $20 (blue pictured- sold)
inclusive of white spaghetti top inside. Blue pictured. Free size. Fine shimmery rainbow-coloured lines throughout with ruffling detail in front, very glam and funky. Perfect for a wild night out! In these splendid colours:

Pink                                               Green                                             Grey (Sold)

Indigo  $16
1/2 sleeve top, free size, good material, dark blue with netting detail along collar. Great for both office and casual wear!


Floral dreams  $16
inclusive of tank top inside, free size. Crochet and floral details along collar and bottom. Enlarge for better view!
Colours: Grey and brown.


NEW!! 7 funky designs out!

Size measurements, colour chart, prices, all details HERE!
Just a note: all are ladies' sizes here!

Contemporary is the New Retro in light blue
Colours: (SMALL) Light blue

6 more designs below cut!

CLICK HERE!! Collapse )

NEW!! Guys' tees!


Guys' tees are only available in one size  - medium.
Sorry for the shoddiness of some photos!
Size measurements, colour chart, prices, all details HERE!

Free Pizza in light blue
Colours: Light blue, white

San Francisco in light blue (sold out!)
Colours: light blue, green, purple

Rock Never Die! in green
Colours: Green

Bad Boy in purple (sold)
Colours: purple

Resident Deejay in light yellow (sold)
Colours: Light yellow

Size measurements, colour chart, prices, all details HERE!

NEW! 7 Raving Retro Designs!

Just a note; Colours below refer to Ladies' sizes!

Colours: (SMALL) Peach
(MEDIUM) White, grey-blue

6 more designs after cut!

NEW!! A Sneak Peek: 5 Funky Designs


Keep a look-out!


Resident Deejay in white

Other colours: (SMALL) Green, Grey-blue
(MEDIUM) White, Pink


Bad Boy in khaki

Other colours: (SMALL) Green, Khaki
(MEDIUM) Yellow


Days Till Vacation in khaki

No other colours (sold)

Greta Garbo in oak

Other colours: (SMALL) Oak, Green, Grey-blue
(MEDIUM) Green, Orange


 1986 Disco

Other colours: (SMALL) N.A.
(MEDIUM) Green, Purple, White

  • All tees are SGD 15 each; SGD 14 if you buy 2 or more in one order.
  • All are brand new. Strictly no trades, please
  • We ship internationally; enquire for more details
  • For specific measurements, ordering and postage, click here
  • To order/enquire, email saladays.shop@gmail.com or leave a comment here

Vintage Sounds

Featuring sounds of the good old days

In 5 funky designs!


ONE GROOVE in dark purple


ONE GROOVE in purple

Ordering info & FAQs here

Below the cut: sold-out designs

Hi there!

Welcome to my collection of vintage tees. I've always been madly in love with Thai indie brands Anatomie and one fifty four. I love the happy, free-spirited designs and I hope you do, too. :)

Prices available here. Join the mailing list here!
Click on images to enlarge.

Happy browsing!

For your convenience


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